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We all know the feeling of cluttered calendars, cluttered minds, and lives that feel like they are serving others more than us. This, my friends, is the case of too much “YES”.

Saying “No” is something I’m not perfect at, but I have seen the magic that happens when we start saying “no” to others and “yes” to ourselves.

First, let me say that saying no to others does not make you a bad person, friend, or human being. It makes you real and honest, and I think the world needs a real and honest you. One of the biggest reasons I myself have had such a hard time saying no to others, is simply because I don’t want to be mean. But in saying “yes” to something that doesn’t feel right, we say no to ourselves, no to our own intuition and desires, and invite more of that into our lives.

Saying “no” isn’t something that is learned over night. It’s a muscle, that needs to be worked out every single day. Start small. Maybe an event that really doesn’t feel right, or a coffee date you would rather skip. Whatever you say no to, don’t look at it in terms of missing out on something. Look at saying “no” to one thing, as saying “yes” to something else.

The word “no” might not seem like it amounts to much, but for me building and strengthening my capacity to say “no” led to my biggest “NO” ever 10 months ago: finally leaving my job that didn’t serve me to be an artist and live more creatively. That felt like the best “NO” to others, and “HELL YES” to myself.

So tell me...what is a “HELL YES” and what is a “HELL NO” in your life? We are only on this sweet Earth for a short amount of time. Say yes to yourself. Say yes to your intuition. Say No to everything else.





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    Hell yes! I love this one!

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