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Summer 2015:

I was walking around Chicago with a friend when I saw a family with two little girls wearing tutus. “Why can't I wear tutus everyday,” I asked her, “like little girls can?"

She replied, "Why can't you?"

That stuck in my head.

Little girls want what they want. They dream and play, and they don’t worry about what other people think.

I had recently completed #‎100DaysOfHandlettering for the #‎The100DayProject on Instagram (started by @greatdiscontent and @elleluna). It was an amazing experience—I tried something new, I did it everyday and I posted it on social media. I felt so inspired by what other people were doing and affirmed by it myself. I was part of a community online. I felt like I belonged. I made new, real-life friends from it, and it definitely added a new skill to my graphic design toolkit.

I was ready for a new project to inspire and energize me! 


(some of my favorites from my first #The100daysproject)


People have often told me I am one of the most positive people they know. I used to brushed it off, but I'm just realizing this might be one of my gifts, so I’m owning it! When I saw those girls in tutus, it got me thinking. Every girl who’s ever worn a tutu or a princess dress knows that when you’re dressed in sparkles, ruffles, and poofy, pretty things, it feels like EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! #everythingispossible

And so, the Tulle Project was born. My goal was to spread more positivity, empower and inspire women to dream, have more fun, and take more risks. And I think I am doing that!


photo credit: Amber Porter @amberporterphoto


Fall 2015:

For 100 days (September through December), I wore a tulle skirt and posted pictures on Instagram everyday.

I wanted to feel like those little girls I’d seen, dreaming like anything is possible, free to be and play and feel whatever I want, to discover my own boundaries, connect deeply with other women, take more risks, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Winter 2016 and on:

And from that project, a new business idea began! And with the support of a lot of amazing people (you know who you are!) :) I started The Tulle Project online store to sell these dreamy, fabulous tulle skirts.

Follow me on Instagram @TheTulleProject to see my journey from the start, and for ideas on how to style the skirts.


Let’s go be fabulous today!



photo credit: Amber Porter @amberporterphoto

Here I'm wearing the Audrey tulle skirt.


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    These look great on your blog! Thanks for the mention. ;)

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    100 days of tutus??? How did I not know about this? I’m so jealous! Now I want to do it!

  • Posted on by E

    Love your story, super happy to see other fulfill their dreams and create something beautiful. Check out my store and let me know what you think! I’m always look for comments and creative advice from a fellow business women. www.tulleip.com

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